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The airACTIVE system

The secret of effectiveness is developed as a space-saving rear wall system.

The airACTIVE system is also a rear wall heating system. However, due to the narrow heating elements, it only needs 15 cm in depth. In comparison: a classic oven requires at least 45cm depth.

Because the airACTIVE heating elements no longer have outdated tubular heaters in the heating system, the heating system is maintenance-free. The activated air roller heats the amount of air in the sauna in a fraction of the time of a conventional heating system, such as the classic sauna heater. However, the energy flow from the power connection remains constant, so that the sauna can be heated up very energy-efficiently and quickly.

The secret of the effectiveness of the airACTIVE system is the fact that the time factor (t) is used positively.

Albert Einstein already established with his theory of relativity that time (t) is a relative factor. With airACTIVE, the amount of air in the sauna is heated in a fraction of the time of a conventional heating system (classic sauna heater). However, the energy flow from the power connection remains constant. This means extreme energy cost savings.The airACTIVE principle stands forairACTIVE means intelligent innovation and is based on the formula Q = mc * delta t

Due to the fact that all cabin air is forced past the barium titanate bodies and heated to approximately 160 ° C, most virus and pathogen casings can be denatured. As early as 1984, the Behringwerke used a comparable process in which the HIV virus lost infection within minutes in humid heat, at temperatures as low as 55 to 70 °C. The airACTIVE® system conducts the heat to every air molecule in the sauna air within minutes.

Since the system is extremely energy efficient, 3 kW or 4.5 kW systems are usually used. But this is more powerful than a 6 kW or 9 kW classic oven. For large commercial systems, the airACTIVE system can also be installed in 9 kW and 12 kW and cascaded up to 100 kW. It then offers the corresponding additional performance and energy efficiency. 

The use of the bemberg airACTIVE system is suitable for new and old buildings because the system can also be easily retrofitted. By the way, retrofitting the air ACTIVE system can also be worthwhile for certain third-party products that do not come from bemberg.

Even aesthetes who don't want to miss out on the retro look of a classic sauna heater are not left out, as a classic heater can also be installed as an infusion point.

The airACTIVE system is maintenance-free.

The airACTIVE heating elements consist of barium titanate sintered at 1400 ° C, through which we allow electrical energy to flow using the bemberg® process. The grain boundaries of the hybridized materials created by the sintering process are made useful for potential barriers, which ultimately enable wear-free heating of the air flowing past and thus heat the sauna in an energy-efficient manner. The active infusion funnel in the rear wall makes it easy to infuse with essential oils.


The airACTIVE rear wall system offers you a lot of flexibility in planning.

Here you will find some examples of how we designed our saunas with our airACTIVE system. The airACTIVE also offers unique possibilities in places such as a yacht, a houseboat or a mountain hut with little available electricity. Please feel free to read oursHome Story: The dream of a houseboat with a sauna.

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