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The winner in price-performance.

The VOLKSSAUNA for up to 4 people impresses with its price and performance. The idea for the VOLKSSAUNA came about during the global Covid 19 pandemic. It is a solid sauna for anyone who wants to do something sustainable for their health - regardless of budget, because sauna is for everyone.

A solid Finnish oven serves the basic idea of the sauna - sauna at 90°C without any frills. The basic control makes the sauna very easy to use and the large, floor-standing glass element ensures spaciousness. The VOLKSSAUNA is designed for self-construction and can be built by two people and with a little bit of craftsmanship. Don't worry, if you don't have the confidence to do this, we'll be happy to set up the sauna for you.

at a glance

Dimensions (WxDxH)


classic oven Finni 9 kW


Glass element

Highlights of our PEOPLE SAUNA


The health benefits of the sauna are obvious.

In the sauna, the metabolism is stimulated and the release of the stress hormone cortisol is reduced while beta-endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, are released.


The classic sauna wood is Nordic spruce.

Elements made of glass or stone are becoming increasingly popular in sauna construction for design reasons, but to ensure a good hygroscopic effect, the majority of the sauna should be made of wood. Wood releases the stored heat evenly during the sauna and absorbs the humidity created during an infusion. Of course, the aromatic scent of the wood is an integral part of a sauna and creates the right atmosphere. 


Nordic spruce is probably the most popular sauna wood due to its good properties for sauna construction.  Spruce wood has a relatively lower density and can easily absorb and release heat and moisture thanks to its oven porosity.

Nordic spruce



The heart of the sauna is the oven.

The sauna can be so good. If the technique is bad, don't sweat it. The VOLKSSAUNA is equipped with a bemberg Finni wall heater with 9 kW output. This works solidly and powerfully. You can enjoy wonderful infusions on the stone volume made of high-quality lava stones, which store heat wellessential oils make ones that hiss really well.

Simply. Solid. Finnish.

In Finland, a sauna, like a kitchen, is part of the basic equipment of a house. With the VOLKSSAUNA we provide a basis with which the same could be possible in Germany - at least among sauna lovers.