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Preguntas frecuentes sobre saunas. Todo lo que siempre quisiste saber sobre las saunas.

Aquí respondemos a tus preguntas más importantes y frecuentes sobre saunas, bienestar y salud.
  • Does regular sauna bathing strengthen the immune system?
    Yes, because while taking a sauna the body temperature rises by one or two degrees and the body reacts by activating immune cells. This protects the body from viruses or infections.
  • Why should you shower before taking a sauna?
    It is important to cleanse the body before taking a sauna, as a possible fatty film on the skin can delay sweating. Dry yourself well after the shower so that the moisture does not delay the sweating process.
  • How often can I go to the sauna?
    Go to the sauna at least once a week and enjoy 2-3 sauna sessions. However, these should not last longer than 15 minutes each. If you prefer to go to the sauna more often, then you should only use the sauna once a day. If you have symptoms such as difficulty breathing, high blood pressure or other impairments, always consult your doctor.
  • What does an infusion do in the sauna?
    An infusion is a special experience that makes you sweat more. Here water mixed with essential oils is placed on the stove. The resulting water vapor also stimulates the cardiovascular system and the essential oils have a pleasant effect on the respiratory tract. As a sauna beginner, however, you should sit on the lower benches during an infusion, because the higher you sit, the hotter it is. You can find the right sauna scent in our Online Shop.
  • Does regular sauna bathing train the vascular system?
    The heat in the sauna causes the blood vessels to dilate, which then contract again during the cooling phase. This is like a kind of gymnastics for the vessels and leads to a stronger vascular system in the long term.
  • Does the sauna have to be made entirely of wood?
    The current trend is towards more glass and stone walls in sauna construction. But it is important to have a high proportion of wood in the sauna. Wood is able to store heat without becoming hot itself and without the risk of burns. Furthermore, the wood releases the stored heat evenly during the sauna and absorbs the humidity created during an infusion, which means that the temperature can be maintained and a pleasant climate is created.
  • Does sauna bathing help with bad skin?
    The heat in the sauna opens the pores and removes pollutants, sebum and dead cells. This has a cleansing effect and makes the skin look fresher and healthier again. A true wellness miracle.
  • What is the difference between an infrared cabin and the classic sauna?
    The sauna creates a very hot ambient temperature (up to 100°), which acts on the skin from the outside and stimulates sweat production more quickly. The vessels expand and blood circulation is promoted. The immune system is strengthened. In the infrared cabin, lower temperatures are achieved and heat is produced in the body - a so-called deep heat is created. Sweat production therefore takes significantly longer. The muscles in particular can absorb infrared radiation well, which leads to an increase in intramuscular blood flow, which is distributed throughout the body's circulation.
  • Are children allowed in the sauna?
    Children's bodies have the same number of sweat glands as an adult's - they are just closer together due to the smaller body surface area. So there is nothing wrong with taking a sauna with children. The main difference is that the small body absorbs heat more quickly and the fat layer is very thin. For this reason, you should approach the sauna with your children carefully and not extend the sauna session for too long. It is best for children to sit on the lower benches.
  • How do I clean my sauna properly?
    For rough cleaning and light dirt, a damp cloth is sufficient. However, the sauna should also be thoroughly cleaned regularly to remove sweat stains and possible bacteria. To do this, use a sauna cleaner that is specifically suitable for sauna wood.
  • Is it possible to see a Bemberg sauna?
    With us you will be welcomed by trained and friendly sauna consultants at various locations in Germany or Switzerland! Please take at least 1 hour for a detailed and targeted consultation so that we can respond individually to your wishes and ideas. Send us an inquiry and make an appointment at a showroom near you.
  • Will I lose weight by taking a sauna?
    After bathing in the sauna you will feel relaxed, fresh and perhaps even lighter. In fact, the scales show a few pounds less than before. Unfortunately, we don't lose body fat when taking a sauna, but rather just a higher amount of fluid through increased sweating. Unfortunately, there is no fat burning in the sauna. However, taking a sauna can help you lose weight because it boosts your metabolism, strengthens your immune system and promotes blood circulation. The skin is also cared for by the heat and remains firm.
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