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Our urban
power device airRED

Relaxed by infrared heat.


Back pain is a real common problem. The majority of people in Germany today have a job in which they sit exclusively or at least part of the time at a desk. Added to this are a lack of exercise, poor sitting positions and an unhealthy diet. All of this often caused by stress, fatigue, overwork and lack of awareness of health. 

What helps better than warmth and relaxation? The airRED promotes long-term health and can provide relief for many complaints. Soothing infrared deep heat and the unique air curtain technology ensure a pleasant wellness experience! The airRED lets you forget everyday life and let your mind unwind for a moment. Almost like a relaxing short vacation in your own four rooms. walls.

The airRED is also an interior must-have that scores with its elegant urban design and compact size. The classic colors white and black fit into every home. 




Intake opening

Speakers and Bluetooth receiver

Infrared converter

High-gloss safety glass, available in different colors

Air curtain generator

The advantages of airRED at a glance.

Wellness has never been so easy and stylish

sustainable health

Back pain, chronic illnesses, skin diseases, fatigue, malaise - these are all examples of complaints that can be improved by infrared.

clever use of space

The minimalist design and unique technology offer the perfect solution when there is a lack of space. The device is with the dimensions 60cm x 135 cm x 12cm (WH) probably the smallest infrared cabin in the world.

latest technology

At 1000W, the new carbon infrared converter offers almost 3x as much power as conventional infrared heaters. The transducer emits 7% A, 7% B and 86% C infrared waves.

quick installation

We stopped time! You need exactly 15 minutes for the installation. Of course, we supply dowels, screws and hanging rails. Plug it in and off you go.

integrated sound system

Thanks to the integrated 

 You can access a high-end music system at any time via Listen to your Spotify favorites via Bluetooth. The deep bass makes the sound experience unbeatable.

A revolution in the wellness market.

How does airRED work?

There is often a lack of space for a conventional infrared cabin. The airRED offers the perfect solution here! We use air curtain technology like it has never been used before. The air curtain technology separates differently conditioned air masses with a barrier of flowing air and thus prevents warm and cold air from exchanging. The technology was developed in the 1960s. The technology is primarily known from entrance doors in department stores, where the doors are often opened.

The air curtain generator expels warm air, which then rises and is sucked in again through the side intake openings. This creates a constant warm air circulation.  The infrared converter with the latest infrared technology is located in the wall panel and provides pleasant deep warmth. The temperature and intensity of the heat can be controlled manually.

Even if the infrared heat has a pleasant effect on your back, you may still feel cold and goosebumps on other parts of your body. The air curtain ensures that you sit comfortably warm in front of the airRED.

15 minutes application
with great effect.

Infrared heat offers countless advantages:

- Relief from back pain

- Strengthening the immune system

- Stress reduction through deep relaxation

- Lowering blood pressure by dilating the vesselsPurification/detoxification by stimulating the metabolism

- Relaxing the muscles before or after exercise

- Improvement in skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or acne

Dr. Daniel Neferu

"Heat provides pain relief and metabolic processes are mobilized. With the airRED, we have succeeded in taking the already well-known infrared light to a whole new level. The airRED manages to make the infrared application more space-saving and effective in a shorter time while offers many health benefits of infrared."

Doctor and nutritionist

Regardless of whether it is a large country house, a small city apartment or a penthouse - thanks to its urban design, the airRED fits into every home.

You have to experience the airRED.



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