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Sympathetic ganglion chain

Parasympathetic nervous system

Sympathetic nervous system

The benefits of infrared heat

How our autonomic nervous system works

The autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic nervous system is the so-called borderline. This runs directly next to the spine and has connections to all the nerves of the human body that come from the individual segments of the spine. The task of the sympathetic nervous system is to increase the organism's performance in order to prepare it for stress. It influences the sensitivity of all receptors in the human body. The sympathetic nervous system is the human body's pain memory. The parasympathetic nervous system takes care of the body's functions at rest as well as regeneration and the build-up of the body's own reserves. It activates digestion, stimulates various metabolic processes and ensures relaxation.

Stress affects the autonomic nervous system. In a stressful situation, the level of the sympathetic nervous system is increased in order to meet the demands and put the body on alert. The optimal balance between the activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems can be restored through infrared application. In a study by the IGEF testing laboratory, the effect of infrared deep heat on the human organism was examined. The results of the study show that infrared heat can increase vitality and a feeling of well-being. It was found that infrared heat increases the blood volume flow after just a short period of use, which means that the comfortable temperature is quickly reached. After just 20 minutes of infrared heat, the subjects found an optimal balance in the activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This status can be classified as an anti-stress effect because the body's stress reactions are significantly reduced. The order of the heart rhythm also improved significantly in the subjects of the study during the relatively short period of infrared application.


Relief from back and joint pain

Releasing tension and improving mobility


Inhibition of inflammation, e.g. in acne, herpes stye, etc.


Lowering blood pressure by dilating the vessels and


Detoxification and elimination of toxins and non-water components


Stimulates metabolism and reduces free radicals

Strengthening the cardiovascular system and the immune system


Relaxation of muscles and reduction of muscle soreness


Releasing tension and improving mobility


Myth 1: Infrared radiation is harmful.

Infrared radiation, such as that used in heat cabins, does not pose any danger to the human body. On the contrary, it actually promotes health. The infrared waves used belong to the IR-C spectrum, i.e. particularly long-wave infrared rays that only penetrate the upper layers of the skin and generate a mild warmth.

Myth 2: You don't sweat in the infrared cabin.

With infrared radiation, warming occurs from the “inside out” and the body begins to sweat. However, this process takes longer than in the classic sauna. The body begins to sweat as a defensive reaction to the high temperatures.

Myth 3: You lose weight in the infrared cabin.

Regular infrared applications on the body can help sweat out toxins and boost metabolism. Without exercise and a change in diet, infrared alone will not produce the desired effects.

Myth 4: Infrared saunas use a lot of energy.

In comparison, you use less electricity during an infrared session than during a classic sauna session. Our infrared converter consumes 0.9 kW of electricity and requires a 230 V connection. Since infrared heat acts directly on the body instead of heating the entire surrounding air, you will start sweating after just 5 minutes and a 15-20 minute session is often enough. This makes infrared a very efficient and sustainable option for your home.

Myth 5: All infrared devices are the same.

Not all infrared is the same. The term red light is often spoken colloquially. But actually “infra” means below. This means that infrared radiation is below the red light spectrum and is therefore not visible. The well-known red light lamp, for example, which used to be found in every household, hardly contains any infrared, but rather a lot of red light.  When choosing an infrared sauna or an infrared device, you should definitely pay attention to the infrared heater or infrared converter used. Our infrared converter offers true infrared radiation, even heat distribution, efficient energy conversion and a long service life.

In addition to all the advantages of infrared, there are unfortunately also a number of myths that we would like to dispel.


Does infrared have a detoxifying effect?

Infrared has been proven to help the  Support detoxification by activating the lymphatic system.  Toxins are excreted through the skin in the form of sweat. Unlike, for example, sports, infrared sweating also releases heavy metals.eliminated. Sweat consists mainly of water, but also salts, fats and toxins that are stored in the body to protect against high toxin levels. The infrared waves bring the fat cells vibrates, releasing toxins and heavy metals.


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