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Choose the right bathing style.
Not all saunas are the same - you are spoiled for choice.

Taking a sauna is wellness for the body and mind and increases physical and mental well-being. How you take a sauna is up to you, as there are many options. Either stick with the classic Finnish version or expand your sauna into a multifunctional cabin with an integrated steam bath and one (or more) infrared converters.

Breathing also benefits from the temperature change in the sauna. The body temperature rises by one or two degrees when bathing in a sauna, which causes the body to activate its immune cells and the blood vessels to dilate. This improves blood supply to the mucous membranes and relieves symptoms of respiratory diseasesAllergies let up. In general, sauna bathing promotes relaxation of the muscles, including the breathing muscles. With the FRESH FEELING steam function you can breathe deeply and enrich the steam with essential oils of your choice. Infrared is a soothing deep heat that quickly relieves tension, especially for 15 minutes in between - regardless of the classic sauna.


Classic Finnish
at 90°C

Sweat like the Finns at 90°C or more. In the Finnish dry sauna the humidity is very low, so you can endure the high temperatures. With infusions you can temporarily increase the humidity in the sauna and sweat even more.


steam bath

With an additional evaporator, the humidity in your sauna is kept constantly high and you sauna at 50 to 65°C to protect your circulation. With this mild form of bathing, the steam is particularly permeable to the bronchial system and you can breathe deeply.


in the sauna

You can integrate one or more infrared converters in your sauna - sitting or lying down. The infrared converter can be regulated within a temperature range of 37 to 130°C. Infrared deep heat is a special form of bathing.

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There are many different types of bathing: the classic Finnish sauna, the steam sauna or the infrared sauna. Everyone has to decide for themselves which type of sweating they prefer. But one thing is certain: every form of bathing gives you well-being and supports your health.

Finnish sauna

The original Finnish sauna is also known as a classic sauna. The interior of the sauna reaches a temperature between 70° and 110°. The body can only withstand these high temperatures because of the low humidity of just 10%. Taking a sauna in a classic sauna has many positive effects on the body, such as strengthening the immune system or relaxing the muscles. However, if you have existing body illnesses such as poor circulation, you should speak to a doctor in advance.

Fresh Feeling (steam function)

When using the steam function, the air temperature is usually between 45° and 55°C and is therefore significantly lower. However, the humidity here is 50 to 60%, which increases the perceived temperature significantly. This form of bathing is particularly suitable for people with cardiovascular problems and those with respiratory diseases.




Unlike in a classic sauna, in an infrared cabin the air is not primarily passed through the saunaNot only is the oven heated up, but the infrared rays from the infrared converter act directly on the skin and a soothing deep warmth is created. This causes water molecules to vibrate and stimulates blood circulation, metabolism and oxygen supply.

Just take a breath
bemberg sauna relax detox sauna for back pain steam bath steam sauna sanarium bi

For many sauna beginners, the dry sauna climate is unfamiliar and they fear that it will be harder to breathe. From a physical point of view, this is not that wrong, because the warmer the air, the less oxygen it contains. However, this doesn't bother our body because when we breathe in the air through our nose, it is cooled down on the nasal mucosa. To do this, the body has to produce more moisture, which is why we often feel like our nose is running when we sweat. The same principle also applies to breathing through the mouth. So you don't have to be afraid to breathe deeply while you're in the sauna and it's worth it because the hot air in the sauna trains our lungs. The lungs are a very complex organ that reacts strongly to external stimuli.

Some people suffer from illnesses that make breathing difficult. It is not uncommon for the body to have a chronic immune reaction, which is accompanied by coughing, shortness of breath or a feeling of tightness in the chest. The cause is often a constant cramping of the bronchi. Going to the sauna can help relax the muscles.and thus alleviate these symptoms.

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