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bemberg Hinterwandofen Hinterwandsystem Aufguss innovatives Heizsystem

The back wall oven

TheSpace-saving power pack for even heat distribution in the sauna.

The bemberg rear wall oven is hidden behind a retracted partition wall, so that although it is not visually visible, it still packs a lot of power. The electric sauna heater has a stone volume just like a classic heater, but the shape of the heater is elongated so that it can be integrated into the sauna to save as much space as possible. The rear wall heater offers a particularly high level of safety because there is no risk of touching the sauna heater. As additional protection, an additional safety grille can be installed along the opening at the top so that no objects can accidentally fall onto the stove, for example if there are children in the household. In addition to all these usage advantages, the rear wall oven is also very energy efficient thanks to the even heat distribution in the cabin.

The rear wall system is a real Bemberg classic.

The inventor Paul Bemberg discovered back then that the air roller of the rear wall technology heated the cabin more evenly and much more efficiently than a classic sauna heater. Thanks to the system's own stone volume, Finnish infusions can be carried out with the same intensity as with a classic sauna heater, but the sauna bath has a particularly mild effect and is compatible with the circulatory system. In 1968, the rear wall air conditioning system "SOFT FEELING" was invented by Paul Bemberg, which was the first patent at Bemberg and has been continuously developed to this day. 


As part of our ongoing research, we have tested our back wall products against our classic ovens and found that energy consumption with our back wall technology has been significantly reduced by 25% compared to classic ovens.  The service life of the rear wall oven is also increased by up to 30% on average. longer than that of a classic oven. The energetic system is available for both the Finnish sauna and the FRESH FEELING function (soft steam bath).  Other advantages of the rear wall heating system are the possibility of remote switching on without an oven safety bar, as well as the greatly reduced risk of burns. Their benefits are therefore clear: low energy costs, high security, healthy climate. 

The rear wall channel has a depth of 29cm. The infusion water, enriched withessential oils can be easily filled via an opening flap in the rear wall. The hidden elongated oven ensures even heat distribution without the risk of burns.


The invisible sauna heater 

In addition to the advantages of energy efficiency and the safety aspect, the back wall oven is also in high demand from a design perspective. The oven disappears completely behind the retracted partition wall in the sauna. This also gives you more space for an advantageous bench layout. Of course, thanks to the stainless steel infusion funnel, you don't have to miss out on a classic infusion. The water is distributed very evenly over the stone volume via a copper pipe.


The rear wall oven offers you a lot of flexibility in planning.

Here you will find some examples of how we designed our saunas with a rear wall system. You can also create cozy corners with it. There are no limits to your creativity. 

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