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Saunaaufguss klassischer Saunaofen bemberg

The classic sauna heater

A popular esthetician with plenty of space for powerful sauna infusions.

The classic oven creates a cozy and traditional atmosphere in the sauna. The crackling sound and open access to the oven for an infusion can enhance the sauna experience and make the sauna bath a real experience. Dhe effect of a classic oven on the sauna climate depends on your individual preferences. While some people prefer the dry heat of 90°C, others can relax better with higher humidity because the steam is more permeable to the bronchial system. Thanks to the option of integrating an evaporator in the classic oven, both types of bathing are possible without any problems, depending on the day and your wishes.

The heart of every sauna is the sauna heater.

In addition to the rear wall and hybrid systems, we also offer you classic sauna heaters, which can serve as the sole heating source for the sauna or in combination with other heating systems, such as the hybrid system.


You can choose between over ten different heaters depending on your requirements and the size of your new sauna.



The central focus in the sauna

The classic oven is usually the focus of a sauna session. It's fun to pour your favorite scent over the stone volume with a ladle and hear the hissing and crackling of the oven. Since the classic oven creates a relatively static column of heat, fanning in the sauna is not just a "show effect", but also serves to distribute heat evenly in the cabin.

bemberg Sauna entspannen Detox Sauna gegen Rückenschmerzen Dampfbad Dampfsauna Sanarium Bi

Choose your favorite oven based on performance, quality and design.

Most indoor saunas of conventional size usually have a classic wall heater with or without itSteam function chosen. For larger cabins and outdoor saunas, larger standing heaters with more power between 10.5 kW and 24 kW are used. Here too you can choose with or without an evaporator.

The classic 
Energy saving oven Q
based on airACTIVE

Our The new Q oven saves twice as much energy for you as a private homeowner with a built-in sauna. On the one hand, due to the lower power consumption during sauna operation (6 kW/h instead of 9 kW/h), due to the better coupling to the air mass to be heated in the sauna cabin. On the other hand, through the air curtain technology used, in relation to glass surfaces and/or door openings, when entering or leaving. 


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