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Save, take a sauna, save.
Secure your energy bonus.

Saving energy should be rewarded, especially now.

There is no question that the sauna is an energy-intensive product. After all, this involves very high temperatures. That's why Bemberg has italready 70 years ago made the task of finding waysMaking sauna heating systems more efficient and is very successful. Especially in our current energy crisis, you can't go to the sauna with a clear conscience without at least thinking about what effect this has. That's why we want to reward people who treat the issue of energy sensitively and take active measures. bemberg pays when you buy a new sauna with one of our efficient heating systemsBack wall oven,airACTIVE system orHybrid system equip, €500 flat rate bonus on the Anschaopening price.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
Elektroingenieur auf der Leiterplatte arbeitet

bemberg is an innovation leader in the sauna industry.

The inventor Paul Bemberg developed the first innovative products on the market in the 1950s, which have continued to be developed further to this day. Sustainability has always been and is the greatest motivator for the new and further development of our products. Your satisfaction and the beneficial benefits of our products for you are our motivation.

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