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The queen of saunas.

With the NORDI model we offer you a first-class Finnish log sauna.  The elaborate cassette construction is a real highlight both visually and technically. The double tongue and groove ensures the sauna is sealed. The core of the capillaries of the 58 mm thick planks close when the cabin heats up, creating a natural vapor barrier and preventing heat from escaping.


The cabin height is 208 cm, but can be individually adjusted. Size, design, heating system, control and various features are individually planned and implemented according to your wishes.

Highlights of our NORDI sauna

Sauna kaufen Maßanfertigung eigene Sauna planen Entspannung Spa zuhause

We consciously take time to relax in the sauna. This should be done much more often.

Sometimes we can slow down and have a good time, because this is the only way we can develop our full potential in everyday life and achieve our goals.

Log sauna solid wood sauna bemberg NORDI natural wood

It depends on the right type of wood.

Elements made of glass or stone are becoming increasingly popular in sauna construction for design reasons, but to ensure a good hygroscopic effect, the majority of the sauna should be made of wood. Wood releases the stored heat evenly during the sauna and absorbs the humidity created during an infusion or steam bath. Of course, the aromatic scent of the wood is an integral part of a sauna and creates the right atmosphere. 


Softwoods with a lower density and the resulting low thermal conductivity are suitable. Softwoods primarily include conifers such as pine and spruce, but also hardwoods such as linden, poplar or the native alder.

The NORDI is available in the following types of wood:

Nordic spruce



Mutata spruce

NORDI Erle natur_Infrarotsitzplatz + Fenster.JPG

We accept every challenge.

Do you have sloping ceilings, unusual angles, a trapped space, crooked walls, uneven floors or would you like to integrate an existing window into your sauna? No problem! We love special challenges. 

It doesn't get any more individual than that.

A model. Countless possibilities.

All photos below are of the NORDI model.

Diversity probably describes it best.