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The bemberg hybrid system

The revolution in the sauna industry.

The innovative hybrid system combines all of our experiences with today's requirements. Using a hybrid convector, your sauna is docked to the building heating system, so that a significant portion of the energy required is obtained from the building's central heating, especially during the heating phase. The more sustainable the building heating is designed, the more sustainably the bemberg heat cabin also works.

Commercial operators in particular benefit from the enormous energy efficiency.

A group of engineers worked on the bemberg hybrid heating system before it was developed to the point where it was patentable and registered for international protection. The innovative heating system combines all of our experiences with today's requirements. Anyone who owns a Bemberg sauna, a Bemberg infrared cabin, or a Bemberg steam bath with a hybrid system heats a significant part of their heat cabin from their building's central heating system. The more sustainably this building heating is designed, the more sustainably the Bemberg heat cabin works. 


In a Finnish sauna, up to 50% is taken from the water-based building heating system. With a soft steam sauna like the Bemberg Fresh Feeling up to 90%. The use of the Bemberg Hybrid heating system is particularly suitable for new buildings, which should ideally be brought up to date with this new state of the art by the architect. But you shouldn't do without it even in old buildings that are already in the renovation phase.


Even aesthetes who don't want to miss out on the retro look of a classic sauna heater are not left out, because the hybrid unit can also be combined with classic sauna heaters from the Bemberg range. Even the retro sauna heater is controlled together with the hybrid convector via the Bemberg hybrid processor.



An excellent and sustainable system

This means that the more energy efficient your heating at home works, e.g. via photovoltaics or heat pumps, the more energy efficient your sauna can also work. In 2017, bemberg received the “Golden Wave” innovation award for the hybrid system, which is awarded to companies in the areas of technology and processes for particularly outstanding products and their innovative performance. Bemberg won the “Sauna, Infrared and Steam Bath Accessories” category with its hybrid heating system.

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