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The urban lifestyle sauna.

The urban sauna airSPACE is urban, elegant and minimalist. She knows what's important and doesn't overwhelm her, but instead makes life easier.  Newton once said: "Where there is one body there can be no other". This is a basic physical rule for the airSPACE, because the urban sauna saves a lot of space in your home in every usage situation and is therefore a real spatial phenomenon. All you need is a 230V connection - from 0° to 90°C in 30 minutes.

The airSPACE is available in two sizes: Medium (200cm) and Long (230cm) with a depth of only 90 cm thanks to the innovative and versatile bench system. The high-quality airSPACE impresses in all categories: space, energy efficiency, design, sound and wellness factor.

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integrated sound system

WiFi control via app


Room design

Highlights of our airSPACE sauna

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By the way, the embryo position is not only good for babies.

This position when taking a sauna temporarily relieves the strain on your back and gives you a feeling of security. Basically, a sitting position is much better when taking a sauna than a lying position.

modern sauna airSPACE stylish S1 urban energy efficient energy saving

Design isn't everything, but the airSPACE does it all:

Design, efficiency and functionality.

Despite the generous glass front and the futuristic design  The aitSPACE achieves good heat storage thanks to the well-insulated prefabricated walls with continuous wooden planks.  The processed solid wood ensures a good hygroscopic effect and absorbs the humidity created during an infusion. The aromatic scent of the wood creates the right atmosphere. 

The ESG all-glass front with contrasting color frames, in combination with the special AIR bench system with integrated RGB ambient light, creates a spacious and relaxed atmosphere.

The airSPACE is available in the following types of wood and with a contrasting color frame:


Mutata spruce



Nordic spruce


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Glass Cubes_edited_edited.jpg


Sauna Maßanfertigung kaufen eigene Sauna planen Entspannung Spa zuhause Sauna macht glückl

URBAN HEAT wherever you want.

With its narrow depth of 90 cm and a selectable length of 200 cm or 230 cm, the airSPACE always fits - regardless of whether it is a city loft, an old building, a small apartment or a large house. The special AIR bench system creates an airy feeling of space and two Possible uses without any effort: sitting as a couple or lying alone.

Urban. Modern. High-quality.

This describes our airSPACE best. But see for yourself

of the diversity despite the minimalist design