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Only the tough get into the garden.

With our outdoor sauna GARDEN, we offer you a durable garden sauna of the best quality and which is unbeatable in terms of energy. The element construction sauna is based on our modelCHALLENGERS in their characteristics. In a garden sauna you are very close to nature and can enjoy the view outside and the original flair of a sauna. It's best to stretch your legs in the garden and cool down immediately afterwards.


The weatherproof GARDEN construction is available in all sizes, with or without an anteroom. The roof is additionally insulated and can be implemented as an external or internal pent roof. Design, heating system, control and various equipment are individually planned and implemented according to your wishes.

Highlights of our GARDEN sauna

Misty Wald Spiegelung

Ice bathing after the sauna is healthy and strengthens the immune system.

Cold-warm stimuli constrict and widen the blood vessels, which has a positive effect on metabolism and circulation. After a warming sauna session, we perceive the ice-cold water much more pleasantly. Depending on how your body feels, the ice bath can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. After an ice bath, you should put on warm clothes and warm up your body from the inside with herbal teas. 


All that's missing is the right coat of paint.

In order to ensure a good hygroscopic effect in the sauna and to be able to store the heat well in the sauna, they are suitable softwoods with a lower density and a resulting low thermal conductivity. That's why we use spruce, linden, alder, as well as other coniferous and deciduous trees in our sauna construction.

In an outdoor sauna, the exterior cladding is what counts after the interior. The Nordic spruce has a natural resistance to moisture and is weatherproof. Here it is extremely important that the wood is treated with high-quality paints and cared for regularly in order to protect it from the effects of the weather for years to come. UOur standard glazes for the GARDEN sauna are as follows. You can also specify a RAL color if you wish.

cream white.JPG
Stone grey.JPG

Creamy white

Stone gray







Gefrorene Nacht

Back to the roots in Finland.

The oldest form of Finnish sauna is the so-called smoke sauna. In Finnish it is called “Savusauna”. With this form, a stove is located freely in the room and there is no chimney. Back then, people used the hot smoke in the hut to warm themselves with the special smoke aroma or even to preserve meat by smoking it.

A model. Countless possibilities.

All photos below are of the CHALLENGER model. 

Diversity probably describes it best.

GARDEN Fotogalerie