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Sauna Ambientelicht warmweiß

The most important component of a sauna is the right wood.

Wood is a valuable natural product that we value and know how to use in the best possible way. The right wood determines how comfortable you feel in your sauna.

Elements made of glass or stone are becoming increasingly popular in sauna construction for design reasons, but in order to ensure a good hygroscopic effect, it is necessary to make the majority of the sauna out of wood. In addition to advantages such as robustness, stability and resistance, wood is able to store heat compared to other building materials without becoming hot itself and without the risk of burns. Furthermore, the wood releases the stored heat evenly during the sauna and absorbs the humidity created during an infusion, which means that the temperature can be maintained and a pleasant climate is created. Last but not least, the natural and aromatic scent of the wood is an essential part of a sauna and ensures the right sauna atmosphere. At bemberg we offer a selection of high-quality woods for individual design. 

Our selected types of wood 

Nordic spruce

Nordic spruce is a very resilient wood and is therefore particularly interesting in sauna construction. This wood has a very low thermal conductivity, which is very beneficial for sauna pleasure. The natural resin in the branches and galls gives the sauna a natural and classic scent with a rustic feel.


Linden wood has a low density, which means that the wood itself does not heat up too much. The sauna climate warms up even faster. Basswood is very durable and does not produce resin. The white linden tree has little to no knots, which gives the sauna a very elegant and modern look. The linden tree gives the sauna a very pleasant aroma.



The alder occurs mainly in Northern Europe and is native to moorland areas. Alder is a soft, open-pore wood and is therefore well suited for sauna construction. The color has reddish to brownish nuances and is very similar to hemlock. Alder is quite a gLightly structured wood with a surface that appears to be poreless and therefore appears very elegant. The elongated grains bring an individual characteristic to every sauna.


The white willow is free of splinters and resin. This already offers the perfect feature for use in the interior of a sauna (benches, headrests, backrests). But there is another advantage: due to its low density, the wood only absorbs a small amount of heat in the sauna and is therefore a “poor heat conductor”. This protects the wood from overheating and creates a pleasant warmth when it comes into contact with the body. 


Mutata spruce

European spruce is a very resilient wood. In the Mutata variant, the wood is subjected to a complex natural thermal process, which gives the wood its elegant dark touch. There is a nice contrast, especially with bright sauna benches. The dark design is sensitive and very trendy at the moment. Thanks to the thermal process, the resin content of the wood is significantly reduced in contrast to the natural version. There is also a unique, pleasant smoky scent.

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