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We want to give something back to nature.

We treat the topic of sustainability sensitively.

Since we use the natural product wood for our products, bemberg also wants to give something back to nature. Wood is a renewable raw material and represents the highest level of environmental compatibility. The topic of sustainability is very important to bemberg. When producing our saunas, we pay attention to the conscious use of energy and resources. We only use selected, high-quality wood from controlled forestry from selected wood suppliers. These rely on the ecological principle of sustainability: every tree that is felled is replaced by reforestation.


Bemberg is careful to keep energy and raw material consumption as well as emissions and CO2 pollutants as low as possible. We recycle our wood waste or use it to generate heat to cover 80% of our heating needs. We source our wood from regional suppliers, so that logistical effort and the associated pollutant emissions are significantly reduced.


With our latest development, the hybrid heating system, Bemberg has created an intelligent solution for energy efficiency. Connecting the sauna to the existing building heating system makes energy cost savings of up to 90% possible. The hybrid system is compatible with all of our sauna models.

Controlled forestry


Selected wood suppliers

Energy efficiency through innovative technology

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